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St William (Berkeley Homes) and the council have set out the next steps for the Lea Bridge Gasworks site application, including a deadline for the public to send their objections to the council.

These public objections are really important. The council is obliged to take them into account when making their decision, so this is our time to make sure we are heard! In fact, the public objections to the proposed Waterworks festival was a key reason the application was rejected – so collective voices do work.

If you would like to object to the Gasworks development, we’ve made a guide letter for you to fill in, save and email to make it as easy as possible.

It outlines the core 5 points, with essential space to add in your own objections, additional information and your view on the development.

Please get your letter or email in before that date – even though the Council has said that they will accept ‘comments’ up to the committee date. That’s so that objections don’t get relegated to mere ‘comments’.

Download the form letter here

Then please fill in:

– The Address box
– The comment box at the end (this is crucial and very important – each objection should be unique)
– Your Name/Signature at the end.

Send it, along with your intro email to quoting Application 201329.

Find out more about how to write a planning objection.
Read the application


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