Online Conference hosted by Gasworks Communities Alliance

As you may already know, CBC has formed an alliance with other communities affected by the development of former gasworks sites. This alliance is called Gasworks Communities United. Together we hosted an online event to raise awareness of the complexity and health risk of building on such contaminated sites.
Details of the conference are below:

Remediating Gasworks: Protecting the Health and Wellbeing of Communities, hosted by Gasworks Communities United.

This online conference included presentations on the issues of air pollution, environmental injustice and brownfield remediation, from experts in their field, as well as personal accounts from communities affected by the development of former gasworks sites.

The Speakers

Professor Jon Fairburn, Professor of Sustainable Development, Staffordshire University

Professor Fairburn has been working with the World Health Organization for 10 years on environmental health inequalities and environmental justice. 

Professor Andrew Watterson, Professor of Health, University of Stirling

Professor Watterson has been researching issues around brownfield sites and pollution, working closely with communities and workers in the UK and beyond.

Rose Vee member of CBC and a local parent, made a passionate speech on behalf of Lea Bridge residents.

The Conference also heard from Angela Fonso, member of CASH, who gave us her experiences living next door to a huge development on an ex-Gasworks site in Southall.

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