London Planning Committee condemns building more residential tower blocks

Following their response letter to the Mayor’s Good Quality Homes consultation regarding building more residential tower blocks in London, Chair of the London Assembly Planning Committee – Andrew Boff – delivered an impassioned speech to the Mayor during People’s Question Time.

“..They are not the right environment to bring up children. They add to the costs of leaseholders. They are less energy efficient than lower-rise buildings, and generally speaking they are a bad investment. And we shouldn’t be building any more residential tower blocks in London.”

Unfortunately the Mayor wasn’t able to respond due to lack of time.

Watch the full speech in the video below:

Multiple tower blocks are proposed for the old gasworks site here in Lea Bridge. These range from 4 stories, up to 19 stories. Our motto is ‘homes not harm’ – we agree with Andrew Boff, that placing huge towers in amongst historic, low-rise buildings and established communities, creates more problems than it solves.

If you’d like to get in touch with Andrew Boff to discuss the potential impact here in Lea Bridge, and what can be done at this stage, his contact details can be found on his London Assembly web page.


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