Gasworks update and local elections

Construction paused… for now

We received an email from St William, letting us know that construction is paused until further notice. This comes after informing residents early in the year that work was due to begin this Spring.

The works are postponed due to adverse construction industry conditions at the moment. It is highly likely the war in Ukraine is having a huge impact on the import of construction materials such as timber and steel which usually will either come from the territories involved in the conflict or at least be driven through them.

The developer says they will send the next resident update in the second half of 2022. Meaning, for now, there is a pause on the site.

Meeting with Stella Creasy, MP

On March 25th, we spoke with Stella Creasy over the matters that have been dragging on. We submitted to her, the promises received from Cllr Simon Miller which haven’t been kept.

Stella and her assistant Ashley Harmon were engaged and took notes. They subsequently followed up some of the points we made, with the council, the Environment Agency and with the developer, St William.

We’ve since received a reply stating that ‘things are being followed up as agreed’ although there are no firm details on:

  1. Further air quality monitoring to PM2.5
  2. Matching spend on desperately needed local infrastructure
  3. A ban on construction traffic through the Clementina residential estate

Meeting with St William

We are managing to liaise regularly with St William. Although their response time is unpredictable and dialogue imperfect on many levels, we feel positive about the fact that dialogue exists.

Our aim is still to convince them to follow stringent measures, adhere to all the Environmental Agency’s recommendations, and to monitor air quality at PM2.5 World Health Organisation standard. They said they would consider the PM2.5 monitoring. 

At the end of last year, we had heard nothing for nearly a year, so welcomed a long awaited public consultation in March.

The consultation took place again at the Lea Bridge library which some of you will have attended. It was a chance to meet a new team of representatives, now the ‘Delivery’ team. So, everything we had previously communicated with Duko, now has to be pieced back together.

We have submitted correspondence accordingly, so there is no ‘we didn’t know’ comment to hide behind.

The team that spoke to residents were:

John Morris – Project Manager at St William Home Llp
Simon Stoker – Senior Managing Consultant at Ramboll
Charles Collins – Senior Consultant at Ramboll
Ed Friel – Technical Manager at Berkeley Group Plc

Lea Bridge Station Sites planning application approved 

Adjacent to the Lea Bridge Gasworks is the so-called ‘Lea Bridge Station Sites’, comprising of three separate sites set for development on the corner of the Lea Bridge Road/Orient Way/ Argall Way junction. One of these three sites was previously part of the gasworks and so poses the same health risks as the main gasworks site.   

So far this planning application has been approved at Council stage and submitted to Sadiq Khan for his assessment. 

CBC is fully supportive of the group campaigning against the three station sites. If you are keen to write to the Mayor and the GLA regarding your concerns, here is a template to work from.

Local Elections on 5th May 

What is wonderful to see is the number of local residents who are running in the local elections and standing up for residents in Waltham Forest and Hackney.

We are supporting a number of candidates across the political spectrum who have pledged to stand against over-development, speak on community concerns, protect green and public spaces, and address air pollution in the area. These candidates include:

Solene Fabios, Independent, Lea Bridge ward, Waltham Forest
Celia Coram, Green Party, Springfield ward, Hackney
Abigail Woodman, Green Party, High Street ward, Waltham Forest
Ed Pond, Independent, Highams Park and Hale End, Waltham Forest


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