Gasworks Communities United: our new alliance

We’ve been in touch with Clean Air for Southall and Hayes (the campaign group in Southall) since January, when a few of us went to meet them in Southall and hear about their experiences. As their story has been gaining traction, with multiple articles and films in The Guardian, more and more people affected by gasworks developments have been coming forward.

So our communities (Lea Bridge, Southall and Hayes, Brighton East and Hornsey) have come together to form a campaign alliance called Gasworks Communities United. Together we will fight for the safe and community-led development of these sites. We will put collective pressure on our elected officials to hold the developers to account in ensuring the health of our communities. 

The formation of our new alliance has been featured in The Guardian, and already others are getting in touch to find out how they can support the campaign. If you want to be involved, get in touch by emailing:

Watch the shocking Guardian video on the Southall site here:


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