We are a group of local residents who are concerned about the proposed development of the Lea Bridge Gasworks site. Our aim is to protect the future of our community and ensure we all have healthy and happy lives in Lea Bridge.

It is impossible to trust reports commissioned and written by the developers and council, who both have significant agendas that may be at odds with the quality of life for local residents.

Our demands

  1. Independent soil testing and air quality testing ā€“ before, during and after construction, including impact of odours
  2. Independent impact report on the cumulative effect of all the developments going on in the area
  3. All soil remediation (cleaning) must take place off-site and must be transported by Orient Way, not through the Clementina Estate
  4. Lower the heights of the blocks, especially those that will overshadow Clementina Road
  5. Money generated from the site should be spent in the local area, and we want a say in how it is spent

If there is any indication that these can not be achieved through prior assessment by Waltham Forest Council, then the development should not go ahead.

Where are we now?

St William has held two public exhibitions, which have led to a few small concessions to residentsā€™ demands (but not all!). Their application for planning permission was submitted in early 2020, the Waltham Forest Planning Committee made their response in early December.