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A group of local residents concerned about the proposed development of the Lea Bridge Gasworks site.
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Lea Bridge Gasworks Redevelopment

The Lea Bridge Gasworks was opened in 1853, and served as an operational gasworks site until 2012, when the gas holders were decommissioned – there is still a large Pressure Reduction Station on site. In their Environmental Impact Assessment, Ramboll have identified numerous hazardous materials on site that are harmful to human health.

The development of the historic Lea Bridge Gasworks is being run by St William – a joint venture between Berkeley Group and National Grid. With the encouragement of Waltham Forest Borough Council. 

Their plans show 10 buildings of varying heights directly behind the Clementina Estate – the highest being 17 and 18-storey tower blocks. These will be made up of 1, 2 and 3-bedroom flats, with a small percentage earmarked as ‘affordable’.

The development will open on to the corner of Clementina and Perth, and on the other side at Orient Way.

Our request to the Developers and the Council is that they listen and respond to the families that live here – we want the area to improve for all of us. We say yes to housing, no to harming our community.

  • 10

    Large Buildings

  • 18

    Storey towers

  • 575

    Planned flats

  • 1450

    New residents

  • 6

    Years of construction

Health Risks

Formerly an operational gasworks, there are numerous toxic chemicals in the soil.

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Construction Chaos

Building on the site will be ongoing for 3-5 years, which will impact the quality of life for local residents

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Environment Destruction

There will be an impact on air quality, noise pollution and the local ecosystem.

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Overwhelming Traffic

Advertised as a “car-free” site, there is no doubt that new residents will own cars

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Harming Schools

Toxic chemicals in the soil and pollution from construction will affect these children as they play outside.

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Transport Pressure

Anyone who lives in the area will know that we are severely underserved by public transport.

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Overburdened Healthcare

There are not enough GPs in the area as it stands – we are short by 10.

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Minimal Investment

We want this money to spent on community-led infrastructure and projects in Lea Bridge.

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Health Risks

As the site was formerly an operational gasworks, there are numerous toxic chemicals in the soil. These chemicals pose a real risk to the health of local residents, if not dealt with appropriately. The effect of these types of chemicals can already be seen in a similar site in Southall, where residents have suffered consistently with respiratory illness and even cancer. All as a result of the arsenic, benzene and naphthalene being released into the air from the soil on site. They have formed a local campaigning group – Clean Air for Southall and Hayes (CASH) – to fight for their right to healthy and happy lives.